TMG WC42 3 point Wood Chipper


TMG Gravity fed wood chipper, accepts limbs up to 4″ in diameter.

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New 3 point PTO wood limb chipper 4 in Category 1 30-50 hp tractor required Oversized flywheel with four razor sharp replaceable and reversible rotor blades for high-output, efficient lumber processing and straightforward maintenance 20” x 20” hopper opening and 4” x 10” intake feed can receive tree limbs up to 4” in diameter with branches still attached Gravity-fed manual feeding system offers total control to the operator, ease of use and maximizes safety in the process; you won’t have to worry about overfeeding or getting something caught in the intake Twig breaker paddle produces consistent wood chip sizes to prevent clogging, increase storage capacity and deliver even mulch spread after chipping 60” discharge chute that rotates 360 degrees to direct wood chips wherever you need them; that could be a mulch pile, truck bed or dump trailer for easy transportation to its new location Sleek and robust hinged clamshell design houses the flywheel and ensures ease of access for blade replacement, flywheel inspection and cleaning or removal of jammed material Industrial and greaseable flanged bearings disperse overall load and pressure for optimized strength, increased durability and a long-lasting reliable frame that can handle substantial work loads Self-balanced heavy duty steel flywheel capable of storing huge amounts of potential energy for long hours and days on your property tidying up after a storm, spring cleaning or preparing for winter Hinged feed chute for compact transport and storage in your shed, barn or shop Compact enough for personal use but has the capacity and build for commercial tasks as well making this woodchipper good enough to tackle business around the house and professional jobs alike with a lower price tag Included category one, 3-point shear pin PTO shaft transfers power from your tractor to the woodchipper which offers more torque and force production than an electric or motorized stand-alone unit Designed for use with a 540 RPM PTO making it compatible with several sub compact and compact tractors (30-50 HP)